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wei painting a shop sign
Michael and Wei at Anfield, Liverppol.jpg

At Standout Stationery, we believe that stationery should say more than just your name, date and time of your event. We view stationery as an opportunity for you to reintroduce yourself to your guests while setting the tone for the occasion. Above all, we believe that stationery should be more than just a disposable item. 

Standout Stationery was founded by London based couple Michael and Wei. In 2017, their love for art drew them together. At the time, Wei was an illustrator, calligraphy artist and part time chef in Camden market. Michael was working as an live event caricaturist and part time art tutor at Coventry University.  


They landed in love and 8 months later were living, drawing, travelling, cooking, eating and supporting Liverpool together.

Right around that time, they received a commission that was unlike any project either of them had taken on before. They were tasked with creating 90 head and shoulders caricatures that were to be used as wedding favours for the guests. Michael and Wei were able to draw all the caricatures from photos and deliver what was later described as "the main talking point of the day". 

Michael drawing caricatures at a wedding
Wei eating Ikea food

The couple saw an opportunity and set out to create a stationery service with a unique and personalised element. They introduced bespoke place cards and wedding favours to the list of services at Michael's events and personalised gifts company MKcaricatures. In 2020, a standalone company was formed for the bespoke stationery service and became Standout Stationery. 

 Wei & Michael  

Name: Wei

Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan

Art Background: Studied Visual Communication design at The National Taiwan University of Art.

Likes: Kuri the Dog, Taiwanese Food, Calligraphy, Baking, Travelling, Hiking, Walking, Cycling, Standup Comedy, Window shopping


Dislikes: Cold weather, Grocery Shopping with Michael

michael and wei in bangkok

Name: Michael

Birthplace: Kampala, Uganda

Art Background: Studied Illustration & Animation at Coventry University.

Likes: Eating, Football, Liverpool F.C, Standup Comedy, Podcasts, Marvel Films,  Malcom Gladwell Audiobooks, Space Documentaries & TV shows

Dislikes: Liverpool losing a game, Grocery shopping with Wei

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