Place Cards & Wedding Favours

Caricature place cards will provide your guests with a lasting keepsake to remind them of the event for many years to come. Place cards are drawn at A6 size and can be print them on 160gsm matte card. You can purchase stands or wooden frames to display the place cards on the day.

Caricature Guestbooks


We can draw head & shoulders caricatures of all your guests with space underneath each drawing where guest can sign or write their message. You can alternatively have artwork on just the front cover caricature with blank inside pages. 

V.I.P Caricature Seating Plans

We can draw caricature of a selection of guests like the bridal party at a wedding or the guests of honour at a ceremony. We will then add the names of the guests around the drawing. 

Cardboard Cutouts

A lifesize caricature can add a real wow factor to any event or party! The sturdy  free-standing cardboard cutout will draw plenty of attention to exhibition or trade show stand.

Guest Caricature Seating Plans

Caricature are a fun way to let your guests know where they should be seated and provide an ice-breaker that will get everyone talking. Seating plans can be printed on paper and mounted or framed. If you're looking for something even more stylish, you can go for the luxurious high definition Metal prints.

Group Caricature Display

GS 10.jpg

A Group Caricature Display can can be used as welcome sign at weddings and events. We can add names, message or logo on the drawing. You can choose to have head and shoulders caricatures drawing or full body drawings

Caricature Signboards

A caricature signboard can be used as an alternative to guest book or as a giant greeting card. The artwork is printed and mounted with a large boarder where people can write their messages. 

Greeting Cards and Invitations


An invitation can have be more than just your name, date and time of your event. You invitation  is an opportunity for you to reintroduce yourself to your guests and set the tone for the occasion. 

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